DragonRaja Update History (2019)
2019 Update History
  • Yllse when victory the Local War can start the Entrance to Secret Cave. (In central of Great Glassland. )
  • LocalWar Secret Cave will moveout the player Before and TimeOver. ( One Hour )
  • Fixed the problem of Nation War.

  • Hegemonia Shop will check the bags space when buying. (Need to update client)
  • Hegemonia Shop (RedFame) will consume the value purchased. (Do not clear the balance.)

  • the monster of fitness room will not attack the player.

  • Allow for purchase same potion to potion box in full bags .

  • Allow to display the guild chat in ghost / dead.

  • Changes the Level font color for 151~160.
  • Extreme Ice and Fire has a 1 sec cold-down time.

  • About the War Management of Player Rules has changes.
    ( Update the rule for Non-Participarting to hinder the gaming. And Spy-Action for Nation War. )

  • Fixed some map setting
  • Optimize the merchant auction function
    the menu will not close when the after purchase ,
    and the selling list will automatically refreshed.
    If enough space of bags will be automatically take the item.

    simplify for take item from the trade result list. (do not press OK again)
  • Treasure map replacement is changes require a Bond -> Cell.

  • Fire Sword will trial to provide a rate have a double hit for ( Fist & fencing sword )
  • Cancel the ,

  • Add the Level 100+ require for usage the 'Town Broadcast'
  • Adjust the anti-cheat checking system.
  • Fixed the durable time Magic Effect viewing of some protecting magic .
    ( effects appearance disappeared time does not match the magic effective time )
  • Change the IP Lock message to "Your character is restoring now, please try again later"
    * Case 1 : You have 10 times for fail login, the server has locked your ip 3 hour. ( will auto unlock after 3 hour)
    * Case 2 : Is detected by anti-cheat system , the server has kick you logoff and ban the IP address ( We will check it for each case )

  • Change the Cool down time of 'Extreme Lightning' to 3 sec.
  • Add the Block IP function for detect the operation is Ultra Penalty. (If wrong for blocked please contant us.)
  • Add the Level 100+ require for usage the 'Freedom Broadcast' , 'World Channel' , 'Nation Channel'.
  • Adjust the all type of Magic checking
  • Adjust the character movement mode , when status in penalty will slow down the move speed of that character.
  • Fixed the hit problem when 'Circle Flame', 'Circle Ice' is damage the target in Zero distance.
  • Allow in some special dungeon or area In Non-Ghost status to Usage 'System Menu' to 'Move to City' function.

Royal Secret Dungeon, Man-to-man Dual Center
Abyss maze, Big maze, Undead dungeon
Knocker's Tower , Seeker's Tower
Fire Dungeon, Ice Dungeon , Manmade Dungeon, Dark dungeon , Mini Dungeon, Underground Dungeon , Light Dungeon, Water Dungeon, Sermenys Dungeon, Venom Dungeon
Mountain Warfield, Pairie Warfield, Island warfield, Snow Warfield , Hades Warfield

  • add a checking for character movement track , to block and mark the abnormal movement records.
  • Improve the abnormality detection for the special combat skills of the Warrior.

  • Big Maze cannot Resurrection with another nation.
  • Cannot leave the 'Nation Party' in Big Maze.
  • Extend the commend usage.
    /NationParty ON
    /NationParty OFF
    /GuildParty ON
    /GuildParty OFF

  • Adjust the Combat skills checking function.

  • Fixed the crash problem of snow war.
  • Is not clear the rank when re-connect on local war ( low mark is not cover the high mark )

  • Dual 1 Priest equip rented Box has changes the to another rare.
  • Fixed the double clicked NPC-Shop , the shop windows will double refresh problem.
  • Fixed the calc character move path game crash problem.
  • Fixed a part of the after memory used is not released problem.
  • released memory when logout to login page.
  • Fixed a problem of click the return city will disconnect problem.
  • Adjust the effect filter for combat skills.

  • Disabled the reconnect function in LocalWar or nation war joined.
  • fixed the big maze boss reborn problem.

  • Adjust for released the memory used .
  • Adjust the Def of Nation Stone.

  • Fixed a few of Map setting of the LocalWar and SnowWar
  • Priest when used the to Resurrection teammates on the War-Field will count the GainedFame +1, and on War-Field will resume 30% CP value.

The reason of the Priest is not designed for Physically & Magically Attacked, Next week will changes for Priest when used the to Resurrection teammates on the War-Field will count the GainedFame +1, and on War-Field will resume 30% CP value.

  • Adjust the attack speed checking component to reduce misjudgment.
  • When press '~' key is added to reset the Magic casting jam problem.
  • Try to change the startup time for to 22:15.

  • The UniCode support system is split for Chat and System UI two part.
  • Enhanced Penalty restrictions on abnormal attack /attack speed/Movement speed will enable Kick-Off or Block Hit Rate to Punishment.
  • Remove the Daily Mission on .
  • Simplify the Daily Mission on .( 10 Cyclops , 20+20+20 Mini-Monster)
  • Rare effect will logs it in Server log system. ( Strike , CounterAttack , Robber , Desire )
  • Fixed the problem when click 'No' will break the reconnect counter .
  • When Kick to offline by system , will not show the reconnect menu.
  • Fixed the Yllse for Nation Joining , Yllse is not allow choose nation when All War map is unified.

  • Support for display all Squad Rare of Nation War (Team 3,4)
  • Move to Squad Team 1 for all without join squad team.
  • Fixed some Local war map problem.
  • [Beta] Support for display multi-language chatting.
  • Default is disabled Multi-Language view support.
  • Fixed when enabled Multi-Language for display the Character Name of Owner / Chinese Simplified


  • By voting to cancel the skills, magic, equipment of the Falling disease (and Cherroy shade , Youth Rare)
  • Fixed the Potion of LocalWar prize
  • Fixed the cannot right click on Ghost problem.
  • The Combat skills of ( Extreme Fire / Ice ) is not fillter in EffectOff mode.
  • When Lose of Localwar will mark leave the war. (To fix the auto following)
  • Added the Reconnect botton on Disconnection.

  • Cancel the last week trial object : Allow Right on the target to execute the
  • Click the Move character will double check the walking route. ( Adjust the running circle problem).
  • BattleLog / ChatLog in Client will used the Server Time.
  • Adjust the Startup , Login and Logout loading time.
  • Re-Login in Freeze time will show the Message hint .
    ( Tell the user know in freeze time, is not no response. )
  • Damage Value of physical attack is displayed synchronously on damage signal received. ( non buffer for displayed )

  • Relaxation the limitation of Permissible Click (move/attack) per second on . Improve the attack clicked response for fighting.
  • Show the Message when filter by attack speed monitoring system.
  • [Trial Change] Allow Right on the target to execute the . (Without right on the ground for execute the combat skills.)

  • When [ Warrior , Thief, Archer ] to used will have bonus magic defense.
    [ Warrior = 10% , Thief = 20% , Archer = 30% ]
  • [Trial] Remove the magic apend freeze time of ,.
  • Add the BattleLog to logs the basic battle record in your client folder.
  • , is not Filter on Effect Frame Filter.
  • Resurrection on NationWar will resume the CP.

  • When enabled the /EFFECTOFF (With Effect Frame Filter ) , the will simplify the magic effect view.
  • [ 2019-04-23 ~ 2019-05-20 ] All Location (map) is not consuming equipment durability. ( Included PVP Series )
  • When [ Warrior , Thief, Archer ] to used will have bonus 30% magic defense.

  • when give the magic attack when in protection , will not have Freeze delay.
  • [Magic Effect Filter] function is enable in /Effectoff
    (some user in this checking function will Screen Lag problem. )
  • Fixed Skill Master regist the total amount is not correct.
  • Fixed the combat skill when BP is zero , the next attack has not success problem.
    ( BP value is combat bullet , E.G. 8 bursts for Icing Blast. )
  • High level Nation war is resumed the via vote for launch the nation war.
    ( We have received a nation has cancel the default launch bypass vote. )
  • Adjustment the Treasure Map random Calculation formula
  • Disabled some system on Local War is launch (Mail Box , Guild Menu , PVP Rank , The Wanted )
  • Fixed the player counter of Survival Game.
  • EXP and Rare make event is ended.
  • Update the SnowWar formula.
  • Cancel 10:00a.m. of SnowWar.
  • change the startup time of 'SnowWar' 22:00 -> 22:10

  • Change the Map setting of Survival Game ( smaller )
  • Cancel a low level Snow War .
  • Adjust the Effect processing of larger range magic.

  • Fixed some spy problem of Nation War heal enemy problem.
  • Change the Local War rank system (Without the DB to Low down the server processing)
  • Survival Game - Remix is ready
  • Add the checking system to protect some magic effect is too more frame to freeze the screen problem.

  • Nation War setting update (Anti-Spy) :
    Attacker used the HOLY CURE / MIRACLE RECOVER cannot recover the monster object. (Stone)
    HOLY CURE / MIRACLE RECOVER when touch the enemy will not provide the effect.
  • Local War Ranking :
    When the end of LocalWar will broadcast the TOP 3 rank of Killer and Dead.

  • Adjust the for more effective to Detect & Correction character position.

  • Some area has enable the .
    If that system has detect the player moving speed has some problem or over the normal speed will force to fixed the position and count the value.
    * Area : Local War , Nation War , West Glade , Hegemonia
  • Local War result changes
    * Zero Point of Defeated Nation when your GainedFame is over 5 / Group 2 + can unlock the war area checking..
    * The EXP Prize is provide for all player , not limit on Dual 5 +..

  • Fixed a floor setting bugs for LocalWar map.( Renus Out )
  • Disabled the Horse and Bear view on LocalWar .
    (Local War is not decrease durable )
  • Local War Result formula
  • Cancel -0.5% exp when Kill by monster .

  • Add some prize for Break down the Local War Stone. ( Low rate for get this prize)
    CP Potion : Revert the CP to 100%.
    Anti magic potion : When used this potion will have a 30 sec to anti attack magic damage. ( Invalid Magic Power )
    Invisible Potion : When used this potion will have a 30 sec for hidden your character . ( Stealth )
    Penetrate Potion : When used this potion will have a 30 sec for your attack magic to Worn out target magic def. ( Invalid Resist )

    * Cannot trade or drop in floor.

  • Fixed some [Local War Area] included & cannot attacked position problem.
  • Enable the Server Ping value ( This is TCP-Ping from Client to Server response time , will increase or decrease value even Busy or Null action. )

  • LocalWar Calculating Score
    Kill Enemy (Zone 2,3) : GainedFame + 1
    Kill Stone (With Nearby) : GainedFame + 2
    Dead (Zone 2,3) : GainedFame - 0

    When the LocalWar is ended , your GainedFame is More then 9 Point you can get a max Fame , DualFame and EXP.
  • Pokemon Ball can exchange to other player .

  • Saint Symbol is change to CounterAttack G4 + Strike G4
    ( 2019-01-22 ~ 2019-01-29 Can free for re-choose your symbol . Basic Key is reset the symbol to G1. )

  • Unlocked the Venom Dungeon , Player can go to Venom Room every 30 minus .

  • The Period on each day 07:00 ~ 08:59 & 18:00 ~ 20:59 of Arena will named <Supremacy Period> , In that period will increased more chance for got the Advanced Gamble Stone .
  • Each round of Arena will low down the Competition time to 15 minus.
  • Fixed some problem of DUAL 6 Magic.

  • Add some [Fashion] view item to [Lucky Draw Box] from Treasure Map.