DragonRaja Update History (2018)
2018 Update History
  • Switch the Female character shield view on 80Lv and 100Lv.
  • Support fashion display function. ( Fashion camouflage will be restored after re-login)

  • The 'D1 ~ D4 DualClass Gift Box(7Day)' for Warrior weapon will follow the User current weapon type.
  • Fixed the LocalWar map of 'The Hudyne River' ( 358,119 ) cannot attack by other player problem.
  • Warrior , Priest and Wizard when equip DUAL 1~3 Class Shoe and Used the Speed-UP Magic / Skills will more moving speed increase.
    [ Equip bonus + 15 , Non-Equip bonus+ 30 ]

  • A Part of DUAL 3~5 Two-Hand Weapon will add Pure 20 Def. ( Not display in item description )
  • Warrior , Priest and Wizard when equip DUAL 1~3 Class Shoe and Used the Speed-UP Magic / Skills will more moving speed increase.
  • Formula modification for Life Drain :
    By Priest : ( Base 55 + Level Difference ) + ( Orison Lv / 5 ) % ; Max 99% ;
    By Others : ( Base 50 + Level Difference ) + ( Orison Lv / 5 ) % ; Max 90% ;
  • Extend the have Probability offset
    For normal case, the is 100% to Perforation the target protection.
    New setting is when used (34AC) , If Attacker is used will have a 34% Probability for cannot Perforation.

  • Fixed the problem when DUAL 6 and LV 152 +100% exp cannot level up form 152 to 153.

  • Extend the Maximum Level from 152 to 160.
    ( Level-Up in 151~160 will add 5 AbilityPoint , The EXP of there only provide in LocalWar or NationWar )
  • PVP Arena will provide a Ladder increase.
    ( Current can get the Ladder from DUEL / PVP Arena / GYM Monster Arena )
    * PVP is not allow used any automatic program to wash ladder / stone.
  • Resume the PVP Ranking display in arena and Clear the old rank record.
  • Fixed the Localwar top killing calculate .

  • Cancel the 'Simplify making RARE equipment step ( Keep the 100% successful rate )'
  • GYM Arena is increase EXP x4 for hunting monster , and success to challenge will also add 500 Ladder for each member.

  • Fixed the Random problem of Gamble Weekly Prize .
  • LocalWar Non-Consumption Durability 'The Outside of Kalaile' -> 'Kalaile' .

  • Fixed some Map Position of Local War is cannot attack problem.
  • Bugs fixed of the Bank checking to not allow more than 40E (4,000,000,000) .

  • Add the NPC Shop (Ladder) in Colussus Arena for Buy a GambleStone's. (Provide one week.)
  • PVP Series equip support in the Weapon shop to repair.

  • Unlimited rare production month is ended.
  • Zypern Promotion event is ended.
  • Durability Consumption formula is returned.

Keep to Non-Consumption Durability area list
  • Nation War : ( Mountain Warfield , Pairie Warfield , Island warfield , Hades Warfield , Snow Warfield )
  • Local War : ( The Great Grassland , Sedless , The Great Jungle , Renus Out , The Outside of Kalaile , Hudyne Valley , The Hudyne River )
  • Arena : ( Man-to-man Dual Center , House of Red Dragon , Core Arena , Super Smash Bros. , Castle Arena , Stone Arena , LMS Arena , Dungeon Arena , Monster Arena (GYM) , Fitness Room )
  • Other : ( West Glade ,Hegemonia , Slient Hill , SCHOLIUM )

* [PVP] Series equip in Arena is Consumption Durability , Repairtable.
  • Add a two group monster in Silent Hill. ( Devil Lady , Devil )

  • Fixed the problem of View Equip in Party Member Sub-Menu.
  • Add the [PVP] Series equipment in Gamble
  • RedFame mission now is accept challenge again when you fail or timeout of this challenge.
    ( Each character can success for challenge once per day)
  • [ Fixed / Changes ] At Neutral area when you status in non-pk mode to mouse over the other nation player will not RED VIEW.
    ( Battle Mode will not block the combat skills damage . )
  • [ 變更 / 修復 ] 在中立地區於 戰鬥模式 (非PK MODE) 的情況下點選 不同國籍的玩家不會以紅色識別
    (在非PK MODE 的情況下不再阻擋戰鬥技能)
  • [ Fixed / Changes ] At Neutral area when you status in non-pk mode to mouse over the other nation player will not RED VIEW.
    ( Battle Mode will not block the combat skills damage . )

  • the "Free Ability Reset (Lv 101) " is changes to Lv 100.

  • Cooling time of After cast advanced magic is changes.
    [OLD] When cast a Advanced magic with double hang weapon will have 60 sec cooling to pause the quick switch equip function.
    [NEW] When cast a advanced magic with double hang weapon will have 30 sec special time, in this special time to use equip switch function will not equip the weapon and Shield, when after the 30sec special time to continues to used equip switch function will return to complete.

  • relocation the boss monster of fall mode in city.

  • Lower down 10% Def of Normal Stone on Nation War.

  • Remove the EDS Maker NPC in Secret Area on Nation War . ( Same NPC in Fitness Room)
  • Add the BOSS Monster in Secret Area on Nation War . (with 1/10 rate for drop the DUAL 6 item)

  • LocalWar has some ranking boardcast. (Need to confirm )

  • Cancel the NK setting in 'Royal Secret Dungeon'.
  • To attack 'Wanted Player' has increase 'NK'.
  • Fixed the Re-Try connect for Fail network connection.

  • [Local War] The HP of Nation Stone in Zone 3 change from 3x to 2x. ( Yllse Included)
  • Adjust the effect of 'Angel Wings' in cases :
    When the status is NOT IN Speed-UP magic / skills , the Move Power will append(60).
    When the status is IN Speed-UP magic / skills , the Move Power will append (30).

Promotion Project of Yllse ( 2018-05-08 - 2018-12-31 )
  • National donation get the 'Fame' up to 3x.
  • Winner on Duel get the 'Ladder' up to 3x.
  • The result of LocalWar the 'Fame' up to 3x.
  • Avoid the Ladder & Fame on DUAL-UP mission. (Dual 2~4)
  • Avoid the 24Task for DUAL-UP mission.(Dual 2~4)
  • * For Citizens of Yllse only.

  • Fixed a broke stone checking function of 'Local War' and 'Nation War'.
  • The send whisper message result notice will hidden when the target is in same map.
  • Force to Move out ALL Secret Area player by the Fall-mode is Started.

  • Enable the Cheat Detection & Anti-Cheat function in ALL-Map .

  • [Nation War] The Recovery amount of 'Miracle Recover' is return to 50,000 on the War.
  • NK Restriction

  • Adjust the HP & Defense power of Final Stone on High-Level Nation War .
  • Fixed the terrain setting of Local WAR area. (Cannot Attack)

  • the Stone HP on Zone 3 of Local War has low down from 5x to 3x.
  • The Fall Mode of Local War is Started when win on the war. (Not need to 0 DP of enemy )

  • The 'Killing Counter Broadcast' of Local War is extends to 60.
  • The 'Priest' when equip the 'Staff' to used the magic of 'Life Drain' will have the FREEZING time of 'Equip Switcher' ;
    But will have 50% for breakthrough the 'Return divine grace' protection to Drain Success ;
    When Fail for breakthrough will have another 50% rate not return .
  • The Lightning blade to attack the 'Authority of Athyas' user , will decrease the 15% magic damage.
  • The Lightning blade when used 'One-handed axes' to attack non-'Authority of Athyas' user , have 33% will decrease the 15% magic damage.
  • The Guard Stone of Nation War will increase 3x ~ 10x of the life .
  • The Local WAR zone 2 has will move the stone monster ; the Guard Stone OF Zone 3 increase 5x of the life .

  • damage decrease when used Extreme Ice / Fire to attack the Priest class.
  • Warrior magic of Lightning blade will has FREEZE time for 'Equip Switcher'.

  • Fixed the terrain setting of 'West Glade'. (Cannot Attack)

  • The Mini BOSS of Cave Map has Power-Up the setting.
  • The City BOSS Monster of Lose Nation on Falling Mode will have a 50% rate drop 'Equip Box of Nation'.
    * For current is non-function , will plan to create some Rental Equip in there.
  • Increate drop rate of DUAL 6 Mission item .

  • the 'Advanced Item Dropped Message' has support in English.
  • Fixed the effect value is incorrect on MP Calculator.
  • When in the Ghost mode to click the system menu of 'Move to Home Town' will give the resurrection.
  • The schedule of Mini BOSS of dungeon is changes.
  • Fixed the terrain setting of Local WAR area. (Cannot Attack)

  • The 'Resurrection' and 'Return city' will checking the MapMove FREEZE time.
  • When click the 'Resurrection' and 'Return city' is in the city will move to Starting Point.
  • Fixed the 'Item Drop from Monster Boardcast'.
  • The transform time (in war area) for 'Dead-Body to Ghost' has 10Sec -> 15Sec.
  • Fixed the Problem of the Pokemon Monster (when dead is not drop anything )
  • Fixed the formula of PokmonBall the genation when used on first time.

  • Fixed the Problem of some magic damage formula is not calc when the level is 221~215.
  • Reduce the transform time of 'Dead Body to Ghost', the limitation factor :
    * Not equip the resurrection item.
    * In Nation War & Great Grassland is ready. ( ALL Nation worked)
    * In LocalWar for Zone 2,3 is only ready for Defender Team.
  • The Treasure Map Prize of 'Lucky Draw' is changes to 'Lucky Draw Box'.
    * The 'Lucky Draw Box' can right click the mouse to opened , not need goto the LuckDraw NPC for drawing.
    * The old item of 'Lucky Draw' , we suggest used quickly , the NPC will closed after few week.
  • A Part of some High-Level Item when drop by server ( Monster , Treasre , Maze ) will boardcast some message ;
    * In 'test environment' only have chinese version.
  • Diabled the PK Function on Undead Zaze and Abyss Maze . ( Cannot PK ) (Temporary)

  • To limitation the player to cannot standing inside of Nation Stone.
    (When the Player stand inside the Stone , other player cannot attack that player.)
  • The 'Fitness Room' is avilable Two hunting monster. (Temporarily , Until other notice .)
  • Improve the drop rate of 'DUEL 6' Item . (Before 1/80 , After 1/50 ) .

  • Enhance the maximum Tactic Lv 221~225 . (Harder)
  • The 'Royal Secret Dungeon' of Fall Mode will increase one of BOSS Monster .
    Provide (1/80) rate will drop the Dual 6 class up item. ( Name : Dragon Spiritor )。
  • Dual 6 Class-up ( Required: Dual 5 , 152 Lv , 100000 Ladder , 30000 Fame )
  • the Yellow Signet will rename from 'BitchCoin' to 'Dragon Coin'
  • Enhance Shopping street of payment type will support to used 'Dragon Coin'.
    (May be provide 'CombatSkill Book', 'Extream Stone', 'Blue Weapon')
  • Improve the drop rate of 'Repair Kit' , 'Reutilize Kit' in 'High Level Map' , 'Unknown Map', 'Chaos Map' .
  • Add the commend of 'BOSS' & 'boss' can click the NPC .
  • Adjust the Legend drop rate in Maze.