DragonRaja Update History (2017)
2017 Update History
  • Optimize screen effects process.
  • The Point Shop of Hegemonia Street the rate is changes.
    (Exchange rates and player balances will be increased proportionately )
  • The advanced 'Sardonyx Box' is Only can operation on 'Colussus Arena'. for Put / Get action.

  • Fixed the problem of the 'Defeat Team' can enter to Secret area on Snow War.

  • Fixed some type of Dual 1~ 3 equip cannot drop by monster problem.

  • Fixed the terrain setting of Local WAR area. (Wall Penetrate)
  • Fixed the Stuck problem of Red Dragon room (RedFame).

  • Fixed the 'Rare Name' of Candle is incorrect (Korea Interface)
  • Fixed the Ability setting of 'Frost Double Slash'.
  • The Extreme of Dragon Soul mission is allow common the 'Red Dragon's Scale'. (Transfer to other color)
  • Fixed the Red Dragon Mission send to same room problem.

  • Fixed the problem of "Tybern Bugs".
    (The affect will dismiss when used other than Dark Type skills)
  • Fixed the warp of Tower exit.

  • Fixed the terrain setting of Local WAR area. (Cannot Attack)

  • The spell word of enter 'Sermenys Dungeon' is changes.
    Eastern Wanen : the memory proving existence
    Western Wanen : memory proving existence
  • Fixed the terrain setting of Local WAR area. (Player cannot stay inside of nation stone)

  • Disable the 'Clear EXP' function for Lv150+ to used.
  • Fixed the double affect probem of combat skils.

  • Fixed item drop rate in Maze.
  • Fixed the UI Missing file of Nation War .
  • Fixed the Login UI has flash screen problem when used the screen 800X600 above.
  • Fixed the Warp Portal in Korea is not valid problem.
  • Fixed the some missing UI in Thai, Japan, Korea problem.

  • Fixed the TIP menu cannot display the help message.
  • Add the Rare Title display for Japan , Korea UI.
  • Fixed the some crash problem of Thai, Japan , Korea UI.

  • Disable the magic effect of FireBow , Ice Darts , because has Abnormal amount of hitting.
  • Add the 'DUAL 5 Mission item' in RedFame store. (Can't Trade & Drop)

  • Increase the drop rate of Dual 2 ~ 3 mission at BOSS @ City.
  • Fixed the terrain setting of Local WAR area. (Cannot Attack)
  • Fixed the Equip box(7Days) to can trade to other player (Treasure Map)

  • Fixed the '/%' commend fails problem.
  • Invisible the Bomb / trap in other screen of player .
  • Fixed the Skills Exp problem.

  • Add a double click the 'Crit Check' to drop in the Bank Menu.
  • A part of some Advanced grade magic after casting will have 60Sec FREEZING time for 'Equip Switcher'.
  • 'Sardonyx' has add in Point Shop of 'Hegemonia Shopping Street'. (1 Point)
  • Improve the maximum hourly produce of 'Sardonyx'. (Share Pool)

  • Fixed a 'World Channel' function.
  • Add a 'Boardcast Message' for Killing on 'Arena PVP'.
  • Improve the has Upgrade the Effect Range , Hit Count , Damage.
  • [Beta] Add a new Priest magic. (洪水聖言, 地震聖言)
  • [Beta] Add a new Wizard magic. (三昧真火, 極度落雷)
  • Add a Double RARE value for Equip a 'Staff' with .
  • Fixed Item Shop has cannot purchasing problem.
  • Add 'GYM Prize' for Successful clearance 'GYM Arena'.

  • Improve the 'Authority of Athyas'. ( 40% def , 40% magic , 30% speed )
  • Limited when the Type of 'Stacked Item' cannot purchasing ove 1,000,000 /per sets.
  • Add a 'View Equip' on Party Menu.
  • Add the Item Detail will display on 'Hegemonia Shopping Street'.
  • Monster Arena is Updated to Version 2.0 (Rename to GYM Arena)

  • the 'The Great Grassland' mission is allow 61~ 130 level.
  • The Money cell can Stacked to 10,000,000 per sets.
  • Allocation the 'Ability Point' +10 when press the 'Ctrl' per click.
  • Fixed the 'Random Dice' to (3+2) on Character creation.
  • The 'CombatSkill Book' has Price reduct to 1,000,000 on Tools Shop.
  • Adjust the damage power of 'Extreme Wind'.
  • Improve the hit rate of Blood Lightning. (4~6 hit)

  • Cancel the And can resist (Confusion , Stonization).
  • The amount size of 'Potion Box' has return to 100.
  • Adjust the formula of .
  • Improve the Max HP of .
  • Fixed the problem of & when launched at Zero distance.
  • The RARE (Aid , Masking) to Extend the effective time to over then 'DOUBLE TIME' will cancel the FREEZING time of 'Combat skills'.
  • Remove the auto protect magic in RedFame mission .
  • To enter 'Venom 1/F ~ 3/F' is not reqired .

  • New Gift Box
    (1) [Equipment Gift Box] : Random draw of one equip (weapon/cap/clothes/shoe) Dual 3 Legend (Grade 5) (7 Days)
    (2) [Accessories Gift Box] : Random to Draw (Ring of Protection / GemBox of Glory) (Grade 2~4 Random Rare) (7 Days)
    (3) [Advanced equipment Gift Box] : A Set of Grade 5 Equipment of (Lv 99 Type) (7Days) ( Get it in Level Up to 101 .)
  • New item of Extreme DragonSoul (Rose Gold).
  • Rental Equip is changes to "NOT REDUCE DURABILITY".
  • The Hunting Counter of 'DUAL 1 Mission' changed with Patty Sharing.
  • Fixed the 'Magic Blade' with calc the target defense values.
  • Add the Prize of 'DualClass Equip Gift Box(7Day)' for Dual Up to (2 & 3) .

[ Trial Solution *20170309* ]
  • Adjust the damage of Extreme Ice (Lv 1: 5%, Lv 2: 10%, Lv 3: 15%)
  • Adjust the damage of Extreme Fire (Lv 1: 10%, Lv 2: 20%, Lv 3: 30%)
  • Adjust the damage of Extreme Wind (Lv 1: 30%, Lv 2: 40%, Lv 3: 50%) , Enhance the amount of combo hit.
  • And to join the resistance effect of (Confusion , Stonization)
  • The amount size of 'Potion Box' has change to 50.

  • Fixed the 'Warmaster Symbol' .
  • Adjust the AC Symbol the Value to 44.
  • The entrance of <Silent Hill> is setup at West Glade
    (Outside of Mini Dungeon) (For 105Lv+ , One days per enter.)
  • adjust the Symbol Material drop rate at Venom Dungeon 1/F ~ 3/F.
    ( 30Minus , One days per enter for Same Floor.)
  • Add the Prize of 'DualClass Equip Gift Box(7Day)' for Dual 1
  • In Local War to Press the resurrection will refill the CP to Max.
  • adjust the Magic for Def 95% FireDamage (Orignal 50%)
  • adjust the Magic for Def 95% IceDamage (Orignal 50%)
  • adjust the Magic for Def 95% lightning Damage (Orignal 50%)

  • Draw map NPC item will change from 10 salox to 5 salox ( Low Level Map will included )
  • The drop prize of 'Low level Treasure Map' has remove from field monster.
  • Price reduction of 'Dragon Scale (M)' , the new price is 50 RedFame.
    (For DUAL 4 Mission only, Cannot trade or drop.)
  • Fixed the 'World Channel' cannot boardcast to other map.
  • Add the NPC in Hegmonia (17,497) for blessing and
    ( Cannot used at LocalWar period.)

  • [Local War] The Killing enemy will increase a WP of Nation.
  • Fixed some crash problem. ( WIll have the message logs on error )

  • New item of the 'Key' for re-choose the Symbol.
  • Enable the Anti-Crash of Screen data error problem
    ( when touch the problem may be hold/pause few second. will write crash text file. )

  • Add Valentine's Day series of food.
  • Fixed the hit rate (1~3 hit problem) of Blood Lighting.
  • Fixed the display problem of 'Merchant Notice'. (Simplified Chinese)

  • Fixed the terrain setting of Local WAR area. (Cannot Attack)
  • Fixed some crash problem.

  • Fixed some crash problem.
  • Add the FREEZING time on open 'Gift Box'.
  • Add a Broadcast message when get Special Items on Gift Box .
  • Add config setting in "DragonRaja.ini" to config length of Magic ShortCut Bar. (5 to 10 cells)

  • Fixed some crash problem (Magic effect on a large target)
  • Remove the auto reconnect when distect disconnected.
  • Remove F8&F9 AutoClick switch method. (Disable in ini file)
  • Support a 'Gift Box System'.