Novice Package

Recommended Reference Sequence

00. Game Introduction
  (Account Registration , Client Downloads , Other Links.)

01. Promotion Project of Yllse
  [Lv 1 ~ 150 ] (Avoid the Ladder & 24Mission for DUAL-UP 2~4 , War Result is Score x3.)

02. Novice Equip Mission
  [Lv 1 ~ 99 ] (Grade Rare Equip for Novice.)

03. Monster Born for Field area
  [Lv 1 ~ 110 ] (Recommend the Novice hunting in Northern Wanen, Hunt Orc > Stone Golem > Dark Bear.)

04. Mission of DUAL 1 [Extream Stone]
  [Lv 100+ ] (Succcess to challenge can got the Extream Stone and 200Fame.)

05. Symbol Table G1-G4
  [Lv 100+ ] (Recommend the Novice need to view this before DUAL 1.)

06. Advanced Daily Mission
  [Lv 100+ ] (Succcess to challenge can got 50 Fame + 50 DualFame )

07. PVP Series Equipment
  [Lv 100+ ] (Grade 8 / Double Rare , Used in PVP Arena , For help to challenge the RedFame and GYM.)

08. Red Dragon Daily Mission
  [Lv 100+ ] (Succcess to challenge can got 1 RedFame. The Redfame can change the DUAL 2~5 item.)

09. Hegemonia Shopping Street
  (Used the RedFame to changes the DUAL 2~5 item.)

10. GYM Monster Arena
  [Lv 100+ ] (Indvidual / Muti-Player to challenge, This arena is more 4x EXP, Succesful change can got the 500 Ladder and TreasureBox. )

11. Advanced Hunting Map. (SilentHill)
  [Lv 120+ ] (Can enter once of 1 hour per day. )

Additional Notes
- Obtain Method of Fame
  Daily national donation 1,000,000 Cell for 35 Fame.
  Daily Advanced Mission for got 50 Fame.
  Daily join the LocalWar and hunting player to got 10~50 Fame.

- Obtain Method of Ladder
  In City to DUEL with other player can got 8 Ladder
  PVP Arena for Winner.
  Success to challenge the GYM Monster Arena to got the 500 Ladder.

- Obtain Method of Symbol Material
  Hunt the monster in West Glade and Venom Dungeon

- Obtain Method of DUAL-UP Material
  BOSS in city can find the DUAL 2~3 .
  Got in GYM TrasureBox.
  Used the RedFame for buy in Hegemonia Shopping Street.
  Challenge the weekly maze mission.

- Obtain Method of Equipment
  Level-Up the Job skills to made it by skills.
  Hunt the Monster to got the Grade Equip.
  Got the Rental Equip by Level-Up or Dual-Up.
  Challenge the GYM Arena, Draw by TrasureBox.
  Challenge the PVP Arena, Draw by Gamble Stone.
  Challenge the weekly maze mission.