Service Maintenance

Dear Players, 
maintenance works will be carried out at 11:00~13:00  on 2018-01-16 Service will not be available during that period of time.

Changes  :
- Fixed the Problem of some magic damage formula is not calc when the level is 221~215.

- Reduce the durable time when the Dead Body to become a Ghost view. (with limited)
* Must not equip some resurrection item. 
* In Nation War & Great Grassland is ready. ( ALL Nation worked)
* In LocalWar for Zone 2,3 is only ready for Defender Team.

- 'Lucky Draw' of Treasure Map will replaced to 'Lucky Draw Box' 
* The 'Lucky Draw Box' can right click the mouse to opened , not need goto the LuckDraw NPC for drawing.
* The old item of 'Lucky Draw' , we suggest used quickly , the NPC will closed after few week. 

- A Part of some High-Level Item when drop by server ( Monster , Treasre , Maze ) will boardcast some message ; 
  * In 'test environment' only have chinese  version.   

Others : 
- The undead , abyss maze is safe area ( Cannot PK ) (Temporary)

- All areas is not consume the Equipment durability . ( Period from 2018-01-16 to 2018-02-27)

*If the automatized update is fail , Please download the update  pack and  unzip the file to recover to game client folder.