Service Maintenance

Dear Players, 
maintenance works will be carried out at 11:00 ~13:00 on 2017-03-21 Service will not be available during that period of time.

Changes : 

- Improved when defeated in LocalWar but the nation DP is not Zero, the joined player will get a half formula reward. (Fame, DualFame, EXP)

- develop "Key of NationReset" for reselection the charactor nation.
- Change the setting for "Fall Mode" only started in 21:00 LocalWar. other times will not appear.
- Fixed the resist effect missing of and
- Move all of Zypern Player to merge to Yllse, Because the Zypern ever loss on the war and the player is lower.
- Clear the PVP rank data ( this season ranking is started. )
- PVP rank is counted when PVP in 5 vs 5 or more.

- Add the "Equip BOX(7DAYS)" (10%) in "Midium Level Map" prize
* 可隨機取得 三轉戰傳裝備 一件 有效期7天 (類別 隨機以 武器/帽/鞋/衫 抽取其一)

- Add the "Equip BOX(7DAYS)" (5%) in "High Level Map"
* Random for draw 7days Grade 2~4 <(Rental) Ring of Protection> / <(Rental) GemBox of Glory>