Special Maintenance

Dear Players, 
maintenance works will be carried out at 12:00 ~02:00 on 2017-03-17 Service will not be available during that period of time.

Changes : 

- Cancel the And can resist (Confusion , Stonization).
- The size of Potion Box return to 100.
- Adjust the formula of .
- Increase the Max HP of .
- Fixed the 1 Hit problem of , , when launched at Zero distance.
- The cooling delay time of after used magic limit is back to original setting.(CD of Combat skills)
- when use the Rare (Aid , Masking) to Extend the effective time to "Double Effective Value" can be cancel the (CD of Combat skills).
- Remove the cast of in RedFame mission .
- Changes the Venom 1/F ~ 3/F No require to entered.